(Read Every detail)Only Answer If You Can Truly and I’ll Give You ). A debatable topic, one that has

(Read Every detail)Only Answer If You Can Truly and I’ll Give You ). A debatable topic, one that has two or more sides. It should be a topic that’s appropriate for educational purposes and that would interest a broad audience. Consider choosing a topic on which people can take action. You may choose from these topics: 1) violence in video games or movies does or does not influence young people. 2) Using animals as test subjects for medications is ethical or unethical. 3) Argue what is the best way to reduce homelessness in the United States. 4) Green energy is or is not a realistic alternative to fossil fuels. 5) Choose a local issue such as funding cuts or increases for public services like libraries, parks, police, or fire service. 6) Choose a local issue such as homelessness, environmental problems ( waste, water shortages, etc. ) or lack of mental health services. Or, if a different topic comes to mind and meets the criteria, you may use it. Once you have chosen a topic, do a quick online search to see if there is enough information available about it. If the topic is so broad that you think you cannot do it justice in a single paper, try narrowing it. One way to narrow a topic is to ask yourself questions to which you would like to learn the answers. For example, suppose the broad topic is this: Alternative medicines – ful, unful, or harmful? You might write down questions that make you curious, for example: 1) What types of alternatives medicines exist? 2) What ailments are alternative medicines claimed to be effective for? 3) What studies have been done about alternative medicines? 4) What results have doctors and patients reported? Such questions can guide your research. 1) Write your topic. 2) Write two or more questions that you would like answered about your topic. 3) If you wish to narrow your topic, write the narrow version here. 4) Phrase your topic as a research question that your project will answer. ( Will Mark to whomever will be able to write this). write as much as possible). Thank you. ​

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