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When it comes to learning and developing a new skill, giving yourself plenty of opportunities to practice, practice, practice this new skill is crucial to mastering it! Learning how to sing a new piece of music at sight is the perfect example of a skill that takes lots of practice to master. For this lab, you will have the opportunity to do just that—practice your ability to sing a new piece of music using your sight-reading skills!Explore the following website (click on the red button on the site that says Try It for Free):www.sightreadingfactory.comYou will be asked to select your instrument and you will select, you guessed it—your voice!After selecting Voice and the vocal part you want (soprano, alto, tenor, bass, choir), you will have a variety of additional choices to make—things like selecting a level, a time signature, and key signature. You have the freedom to choose whatever specifications you want within this voice section.Practice three times, selecting different Voice specifications each time. Screenshot the musical piece you are given to practice each time you do the activity.Once you have completed the practice activity three times, you will write a brief reflection on the entire experience. Your reflection should be no longer than one page typed and should explore the following items:Briefly summarize the practice activity (the steps you took, what you were asked to do, how you were able to use what you learned in the unit and apply it to the activity, etc.).Identify the specific choices that you made for each round of practice that you did.How did these choices change the experience?Which choices made the activity easier? Which choices made the activity more difficult?What aspects of this activity did you find challenging? Why?Did you find this practice activity to be ful? Why or why not?Include your three screenshots with your reflection.

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